Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Easy Potted Garden Series, Potatoes!

Potted gardens are easy to maintain and fun to grow!  For potatoes it is as easy as getting into your cabinet.  When a potato sprouts an eye it is ready.  Cut 1/4 inch around the eye.
potato eye 
Take your pot full of dirt, with good drainage,  Miracle Gro was used for this plant.
Bury your Potato sprout in 1/4 inch of dirt.  In a 3 - 4  days your plant will begin to sprout.  To identify your plants in your potted garden, try labeling popsicle sticks with a black marker and put them on the inside of the pot.  This one is in a starter pot to be transplanted in a bigger pot.
Potato plants love moisture and sunlight.
Water them daily in the early morning or early evening.
When the top of the plant begins to die it is time to harvest 70 to 120 days.
potato plant
Stay tuned for more Easy Potted Garden series
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